Here you can find basic information about the visa regime between the Republic of Croatia and all other countries/entities:

The visa application is submitted in person. Exceptionally, in justified cases, the applicant does not have to submit the application in person, but must personally approach the embassy/consulate for the issuance of a visa. 

The procedure is described on the link:,Croatian%20Diplomatic%20Mission%2FConsular%20Post.

Foreigners who need a visa for Croatia can also fill out the visa application form online at the link (it is available in Croatian, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Albanian). After completing the online application, and scanning all the necessary documentation, it is necessary to contact the competent Croatian Embassy in Pretoria with the serial number and PIN of the application and agree on the method of paying the fee. In the case of a positive outcome of the procedure, the party can request the issuance of a visa at any diplomatic mission/consular office of the Republic of Croatia (e.g. Istanbul, Doha, Belgrade, Cairo...), during the trip to the Republic of Croatia with prior agreement with the embassy where the visa application was submitted.

 The visa application is submitted no earlier than six months before the intended trip.

The documentation attached to the visa application is as follows:

  • Completed and signed visa application form (it can also be completed online, at the link
  • A valid passport (must be issued within the last 10 years, contain at least two free pages, and must be valid for at least three months after the visa expires)
  • One color photo of size 35x45 mm
  • Proof of the paid visa fee, which is 80 EUR
  • Proof of valid travel health insurance to cover expenses that may arise during your stay in Croatia due to: emergency medical assistance and/or emergency hospital treatment, or return to the country of permanent residence for health reasons or transportation in case of death; the smallest contracted insured amount must be in the Kuna equivalent of EUR 30,000.
  • Documentation proving:
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Provided accommodation
  • Provided funds for support during your stay in Croatia means of travel and intention to return to the home country (reservation of a return ticket, employment certificate, annual leave use certificate, study certificate, etc.)

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs assures that all members of Skål who need a visa will be processed without discrimination of nationality, race, religion or sex in Croatian diplomatic missions and consular posts abroad in order to obtain a visa which will enable them entry in to the Republic of Croatia if they fulfill the conditions for entry stipulated by the Croatian legislation.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs hereby takes no obligations towards Skål, members of the Skål and participants to the World Congress 2022 and emphasizes that entry into the Republic of Croatia is subject to the conditions stipulated by Croatian legislation.