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Opatija - queen of the Adriatic

Opatija, this elegant tourist destination, lies at the centre of the Riviera with the longest tradition of tourism in Croatia. The very attractive geographic position, enabling its warm seas to be quickly reached from many cities in Central Europe, lush green scenery and a pleasant climate were some of the main reasons for its beginning and the quick development of its tourism at the end of the 19th century.

Well-maintained public gardens, the illuminated coastal promenade Lungomare, well-kept beaches and fountains provide a stunning backdrop for the villas and hotels that cater comfortably over 9,000 guests.

Opatija's ideal position at the juncture between sea and mainland is reflected in its gastronomy. Creative menus mix continental and Mediterranean cuisine, which cannot be imagined without perfectly fresh local organic food.

The contrasts of sea and mountains, green parks and blue sea, old buildings and modern comforts, noisy entertainment venues and quiet destinations for excursions all combine to make Opatija and its surroundings a very attractive tourist resort at any time of the year.


Rijeka - port of diversity

Rijeka has been awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020 due to its history and to the projects that are being carried out, to its abundant cultural programmes and interesting features, as well as to the diverse range of partners and organisers. And because of the "Port of diversity" programme.

Rijeka is also the first Croatian city to boast this title. In 2020, we can expect more than 1000 programmes that will bring together people from various European countries and promote their multiculturalism.

Create your own mosaic of experiences

The City of Rijeka and its circle of interesting places and facilities are a unique blend of blue and green, dynamic and relaxed, old and new, calm and filled with adrenaline...

The City of Rijeka is located by the sea and has all the facilities you could want from a Mediterranean tourist centre: beautiful beaches, promenades, squares and streets, a rich program of events and atmosphere. In addition, the rich and diverse surrounding area provides you with the opportunity to escape into tradition, romance, pristine flavours or adrenaline sports and even - why not? - a ski resort overlooking the sea. Truly, a unique mosaic!



In the historical image of this city, from prehistoric times and then the Gothic and Baroque Rijeka, as well as the strong influences of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, centuries have accumulated and each of them left its mark in its architecture, creating an interesting city core rich with historical monuments.

In the city centre – at the always lively Korzo, in the narrow streets of the old historical core, before the monuments that speak of past centuries, or in the silence of Trsat, the oldest Croatian Marian shrine – Rijeka always lives differently and shows another of its many facets.

The calendar of Rijeka is full of events throughout the year, so regardless of when they visit, guests will find many interesting and attractive shows including music, drama, art ... as well as urban youth clubs that offer entertainment precisely adapted to their needs.

There is a rich list of cultural performances and traditional events that mark the vibrant Rijeka streets, squares or the beautiful areas of cultural institutions – especially in the summer.

However, if we are to highlight just one of the many annual events, then that is certainly the international Rijeka Carnival, which was ranked at the top of the most attractive world events by the Sunday Times. Crazy fun is guaranteed!

Although Rijeka has a rich history, it is not confined but instead pulsates in the dynamic rhythm of everyday life. But when the lights go out and many cities become still, Rijeka remains alive and vibrant in its cafes and restaurants with outstanding gastronomic offer and, of course, in the clubs where fun for the young lasts long into the night.

Welcome to Rijeka.